About us

Team Odeon was founded in 2020 to improve access to higher education and make career choices simpler.
The choice of certifications, degrees or careers is one of the most impactful choices most people will make in their lives, and unfortunately one of the most complex. We aim to simplify it.

How do we achieve this? By using expertly written and well-researched content, unique data-driven insights, experiences shared by others, and more.

We are a diverse group of motivated people from very different backgrounds including performance marketing, search engine optimization, product development, content management, psychology & social work. What binds us is the drive to create great products that really do make a real impact.

What makes Odeon a great place to work? We are super serious about what we do but also strive to enjoy the journey. Building something awesome can only be done surrounded by people you like and maintaining a reasonable work – life balance.

And yes, yoga and occasional group drinks help!

Help students find the right education

Regardless of where students are in their journey, from initial search to advanced comparison, we make sure they find answers to their questions on all aspects of a degree selection.

Using real industry data and trends verified by experts, we begin by identifying a student’s interests and then direct them to the right schools.

Our websites aim to offer an intuitive experience, so students be confident that they have the information, opinions, and tools to make their choices.

Search experience

Search experience is at the heart of what we do. By analyzing user intention, we identify the facts and practical insights that lead to better choices. Prospective students get a complete picture of the degrees that fit their interests and long-term goals. By adding essential information such as program formats, practical advice and career prospects, students have the tools they need.

Students are matched with a degree the fits their intent are likely to commit, ensuring education providers get the most qualified leads.

Expert knowledge to guide career selection

Our partnerships with academics, experienced professionals, graduates and students, provide valuable advice, expert insights and first-hand experience. These collaborations ensure that we can direct prospective students to the institutions and programs that best match their needs.

Whether you hold an academic post, offer industry advice, or write about student activities, we welcome you to join our community of writers and advisors, in pursuit of more empowered students.

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