We are developing a network of websites that help match education providers to students. Our backend systems gather information from a variety of sources from the BLS, IPEDS and independent providers. We create relevant well-researched content, data-driven insights and tools to help simplify complex choices.

Below are examples of sites we have either published or are working on.

Degree Choices

Regardless of where students are in their journey, from initial search to advanced comparison, we make sure they find answers to questions on all aspects of degree & career selection.



Studyhealthcare.com is focused on a variety of professions in the healthcare world. From medical billing and coding to nutrition, speech therapy and more. Healthcare positions are both impactful and in high demand and there are many options to choose from. We aim to simplify this choice.



Studypyschology.com is a site dedicated to everything psychology and counseling related. It will offer details program info, different career paths, state specific info and a variety of thought pieces by professionals in the field.