Team Odeon is a small team with a big job, to help people make optimal education and career choices.

We added the word team to our name because we (and yes, it’s a cliché) really do believe teamwork is the only way to make companies succeed, empowering each other along the way.

Our founders have a proven track record of performance marketing, product development and search engine optimization. Over the years we have all learned what works (for us) and what doesn’t. We believe in being empathetic, humble, and super driven.

But let’s not forget, we make sure to enjoy what we do.

Ory Weihs


Our founder, focuses on TCB (Taking care of business)

Ori Zilbershtein


Ori manages operations, product development & SEO

Ana McGinley

Head Editor

Ana manages our editorial process

David Levy

head of business development

David handles business development and partnerships

Brandes Gress


Brandes makes sure our websites are updated and easy to use

Ivona Andersson


Responsible for the design of our websites

Šárka Husáková

People Specialist

Responsible for anything people related

Daniel Weihs

Academic Advisor

Partners with us as a Senior Scientific Advisor

Our values

As a company, we spent time thinking about what we stand for and about the things that we’re not willing to compromise on. The answers to these questions impacts who we will work with, from clients to suppliers.

User focus

We strive for any product we build to focus first and foremost on its users. Our decisions are based on research, testing and listening to our userbase which helps us create the best products in the market.

Community impact

We believe that improving how people find and understand their options will have a positive impact. As a company we are looking for ways beyond just our day-to-day challenges to have a positive community impact.

Keep it simple

We really can’t think of a better way to say it (in the spirit of keeping it simple). One of the most common ways to fail is to overcomplicate things and lack clarity and focus. We make small but consistent steps in the right direction.

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